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“Hello, my name is Dominika, I’m a nutritionist and have been specializing in gut health for several years, working mainly on food intolerance, allergies and inflammatory bowel disease, which I personally experienced first-hand On the blog Bauchgeschichten it is my biggest concern to show a way to a pleasure free of complaints.”

Why belly stories?

Healthy and happy – that’s what I want to be. Because health and happiness are closely related.

This was not clear to me from the beginning. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 17, my first thoughts were, “Morbus something? Since when is there something like that? And why does the doctor now give me a bag full of medication? I want to be free, wild and carefree! “I refused to follow any advice and even with therapies I was stubborn. With my shiny tank I felt invulnerable and strong. But soon the bill came – the hospitalization increased and with my 22 years I was operated on. My bowel became shorter by a full 20 cm and a pair crushed.

Immediately after my graduation I studied nutrition science with a specialization in nutrition and sports medicine, because the love story between me and food was and is unmistakable. Quite ironic, considering that during active Crohn’s disease, you can not keep food in and your appetite suffers fairly quickly. Right now I am in remission, without medication, without visiting the doctor. But it was a long way to go. After the operation, I had to rebuild my bowels, like a ruined fortress, stone by stone, layer by layer.

Doctors said that there is no special nutritional therapy for this disease – well, then no guide to the topic so. But during my studies I stumbled upon studies on FODMAP’s – a diet that can reduce digestive discomfort. It also became more and more apparent that our bowels are thinking along the same way as our brains. You are what you eat. One is happy how one eats. For me, it was clear from the beginning as a nutritionist: My food is my cure. And so it was.

What is right for you?

Doch was ist richtig und was ist falsch? Wir leben in einem Kosmos aus Ernährungstrends und Diäten – die Informationsdichte ist riesig! Ernährungskonzepte sind wie Pferderennen – eins jagt das nächste, eins ist besser als das andere. Paleo, Clean Eating, Low Carb, Superfoods. Eins haben alle gemein: Sie regen dazu an, bewusst zu essen. Hör auf Deinen Körper, probiere Dich aus. Denn was Dir gut bekommt, kann für den anderen Schneewittchen’s vergifteter Apfel sein.  Das wichtigste ist, dass Du Dir immer wieder diese eine Frage stellst: „Was tut mir gut?“

Mit meinem Blog zeige ich Dir mit einfachen, bekömmlichen Rezepten und Tipps, wie man seine Verdauung optimal regulieren und seinen Darm gesund erhalten kann – ob bei Verstopfung, Durchfall, Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeiten oder Allergien. Die Ideen und Erfahrungen habe ich über Jahre hinweg gesammelt und möchte sie nun mit Dir teilen. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern!


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About me

“Hallo, mein Name ist Dominika!

Ich bin Ernährungswissenschaftlerin und habe seit mehreren Jahren
meine Spezialisierung im Bereich “Darmgesundheit”.

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