“I have always ignored the smoke, and now I cannot control the flame anymore.” This is how the book started, written by a Swiss presenter Robin Rehmann, suffering from ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. How do you feel? How do you deal with the disease?
The very first sentence already attracted my attention, and I fully identified myself with it. Ignorance, denial, lying to myself. For years, I ignored my illness, did not show it. Behind the door, on the toilet, in pure solitude the mask fell.

“I never wanted to be the patient. I have never accepted this fate until today. But I should drop the “strong” role now and and just trust. “Robin drops his hard shell in this book and describes his life between the toilet and the sofa in a wonderfully honest and refreshing way, as well as the constant search for more. I only say, “the chamber music concert fortissimo”!

But that’s not that easy. Because the awareness of chronic inflammatory bowel disease has still not arrived in society. Again, I could draw direct parallels. How many times have I heard sentences such as “You do not look sick at all!”, “At least it’s not cancer.” Or “Is it contagious?”. No, people, actually we do not want to keep talking about our illness or be only associated with it, do not pity us. It is already taking a lot from us. And somehow, everyone in their own way, wants to have a normal life. Have dreams. Achieve goals.

This flame, which Robin describes at the beginning of his book, is not only in our intestines. It is spreading. Has a strong influence on our immune system, our bones and joints, our psyche. The course is individual and can be very aggressive. So aggressive that in some cases a colectomy is necessary, as with Robin. Cole what? Co-lek-to-myyyy! Not only is our vocabulary expanding rapidly, we are becoming damn fighters.

How do you feel? How do you deal with the disease? I do not want to go too far, because you have to read the book yourself. Take it easy, let it work. And this is not just interesting for us sufferers or relatives, but also for everyone. According to estimates, around 440,000 people in Germany  live with an IBD.

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Frequently asked questions

I tried everything. But it is best not to eat at all. Do I take the strain off my gut?
In order to maintain an adequate supply of nutrients, to build up a rich microbiota as well as holistic health, a regular and symptom-oriented diet is necessary. The intestine and its great population need the right foods. Get a professional support along your way and always be patient. Exchange your ideas and wishes with your nutritionist. Or if you need some help, just don’t hesitate to contact me via the form.
I have no identified intolerances. Why do I still not tolerate fresh dairy products or fiber-rich foods?
Fresh dairy products contain higher levels of probiotics than usual, so they can briefly lead to lactose intolerance-like symptoms. The same is true for fiber-rich foods containing prebiotics. The intestine simply has to get used to the new population. Initially, you can relieve your stomach with a combination of vegetables and vegetable oils (such as linseed oil).
Cabbage, beans or fiber are bloating. Is there anything I can do against it?
A varied diet is important, including healthy fats. These relieve the intestine by ensuring that the food stays in the stomach for a longer time. Therefore always combine the meals with vegetable fats. But watch out – also the amount is important. Furthermore, frozen cabbage or beans are normally leading to less bloating.
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